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Sketchy Wotchy.... 09-06-2009

this was suppose to be a submission for something.. but more I looked at it.. more it kinda fell a part... so... let it be put into the sketchy area...

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coulda woulda ...

so... this page was suppose to be page 6-7 for Seun chapter 3. People who flipped through my portfolio at MoCCA probably saw this...

It's pretty much what the new pages look like just from different angle and less speed line ^^; and perspective.

Seun chapter 3 [complete]

heh... took me long enough didn't it. Technically it was finished before MoCCA but there was a spread page in the middle I was unhappy with.. So I changed it... I'll post the unused spread page tomorrow... In the mean time... here the is the comic..

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Only the first page is colored... I'm thinking of coloring the whole thing for mini-mini-comic later on...but for now it's like the manga pages.. where the first few pages are colored and rest of it is b&w :).


Sketchy wootchy 08 28 2009

Beat you up with my prosthetic robotic arm yo~....

ugh.. forgive me for what I just said..
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Sketchy wootchy 08 27 2009

It was suppose to be Jaye Tyler...... but it kinda looks like Seun.... ;_; I cry.... [also from some friends... my woman looks like a man.......] I'm trying ;_;...

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Sketchy wootchy 08 26 2009

guess who this is.... Maybe I'll just draw DC characters this week...
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Sketchy wootchy 08 25 2009

heh.. yesterday wasn't really productive >_< but here is a wonder woman to make up for it >_<

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Sketchy wootchy 08 22 2009

another... though.. I might build upon this drawing instead of starting a new one.. cause I kinda like this...alot...

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sketcy wootchy... part II...

let see how long I can keep this up.. kinda fun.. but...think this one took more than an hour

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Gonna try to do some sketches in the morning when I can.. cause.. I need practice...
I'll post them as I finish it on livejournal and etc...

I drew Hellcat.. yay.... I'll probably just draw some random drawing or just fanart of stuff I've read..
Sketch is below the fold as to not spam yer friends list...

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